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Eat healthy foods

Eating regular well-balanced meals with lots of fruits and vegetables is vital to staying healthy. Good nutrition helps reduce risk and manage diseases such as heart disease, some types of cancer, diabetes and osteoporosis.

Many community resources help people with disabilities and older adults eat healthy food. They also provide information about nutrition and aging. Some community programs include:

  • Group and home-delivered meal programs
  • Community gardens
  • Farmers’ markets
  • Food banks and food gleaning programs
  • Nutrition education programs offered at senior centers or through the Oregon State University Extension Service

More resources about healthy eating

Farmers’ markets and local produce in Oregon

Oregon has an incredible network of farm stands and farmers’ markets. Find fresh produce in your community.

The Senior Farm Direct Nutrition Program provides a means for low-income seniors to purchase fresh Oregon-grown fruit, vegetables and herbs.

Planning Toolkit

Find information, resources and tools to help you start planning.

Ideas for healthy eating

  • Start your day with a healthy breakfast.
  • Make fruits and vegetables half your plate at each meal.
  • Include whole grains, low-fat dairy and lean meats every day.
  • Try a new healthy recipe.
  • Invite a friend to lunch.
  • Sip water all day long, even if you are not thirsty. Drinking water can prevent urinary tract infections, constipation and possibly confusion.
  • Find out about group meal programs in your community.
  • Learn about local garden opportunities.
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