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Veterans long-term care benefits

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) pays for long-term care services for veterans with service-related disabilities. The VA also pays for certain other eligible veterans and other health programs such as nursing home care and at-home care for aging veterans with long-term services and supports needs.

The VA pays for veterans who do not have service-related disabilities but cannot pay for their care. Co-pays may apply depending on the veteran’s income level.

The VA has two more programs to help veterans stay in their homes:

  • Housebound Aid and Attendance Allowance Program — This program provides cash to eligible veterans with disabilities and their surviving spouses. They can use this cash to purchase a home and for community-based long-term services and supports such as help with personal care and homemaker services. The cash supplements the eligible veteran’s pension benefits.
  • Veteran Directed Home and Community Based Services program (VD-HCBS) — This program is for eligible veterans of any age. Veterans receive a flexible budget to purchase services. The Aging Network partners with the VA to counsel and support veterans.

The Oregon Department of Veterans’ Affairs (ODVA) and Veterans Service Officers (VSOs) statewide stand ready to assist you, answer your questions, help with a new or existing VA claim, or provide other veteran related information. VSOs are accredited and certified professionals who are experts in veteran law. There are VSOs in every county across Oregon, in many national service organizations, and at the Salem and Portland offices of the ODVA. If you have any questions or would like ODVA to assist you in finding the nearest VSO, call 800-692-9666 (toll-free in Oregon) or 503-373-2085 or find your local VSO online.

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