Healthy Living

This section of the Aging & Disability Resource Connection website provides information and community resources to stay healthy as you live and age.

  • Stay Active – Modest regular physical activity helps maintain a healthy weight, manage or prevent health conditions like high blood pressure and diabetes, relieve the pain of arthritis, feel better, and reduce the risk of falling.

  • Eat Healthy – Eating healthy foods can taste great and help prevent heart disease, some cancers, diabetes, and osteoporosis.

  • Manage Your Health – Getting recommended health screenings, taking your medications, and managing ongoing health conditions are all important ways to manage your health.

  • Stay Connected – Exercising your brain, volunteering, and staying involved with friends and family are important to feeling good.

Click here to find programs that have been proven successful in helping people live healthier.

Successful Programs that Support Healthy Living in Oregon

These programs are referred to as "evidence-based" because each has been well-researched to show it really works. Communities across Oregon have been adopting these programs, and many are available at little or no cost. Check to see which are available in your community!